Easter Sonnet Sunday #2: Easter Eggs by Sarah Connor

How could you think of Easter without eggs?
Shiny, foil-wrapped, hidden around the garden,
small girls in nighties with their sturdy legs
and boys in jammies, seeking, ardent?

And boiled eggs, with their brightly painted shells
waiting for you to crack them. Inside, white and gold,
like spring itself – blossom and daffodils.
Winter is suddenly something we can hold

and crack wide open. Look, the white shell shatters
and spring leaps out – hares running down the lane,
lambs playing, bluetits singing. All that matters
is that the spring is back, the world is green again.

All eggs hold treasure and today we see
how true that is. Crack one and set spring free. 

Happy Easter and welcome back to Sonnet Sunday!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, the sense of spring joy within Sarah’s poem is palpable. I smile every time I read it. Sarah is an accomplished poet and bartender at dVerse poets’ pub, whose works have been widely published. You can find more of her poetic works at her website Sarah writes poems.

I must also mention that Sarah and Jane Dougherty carried the day on Valentine’s Sonnet Sunday with their poem Shall I compare Thee to a Hot Pork Pie?

Thank you, Sarah, for taking part and sharing this beautiful Easter sonnet full of the joys of spring!

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  1. The notion of releasing spring from the egg is magical, especially so with the flowing out of hares and lambs and bluetits. Cracking. x

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