A Garden, full of Birdsong

A garden, full of birdsong, bathes my mind,levelling out the aches, and furrowed creases;the iron grasp of winter lies behind, as daffodils light up the children’s faces. The meadowlark and sparrow greet the daywhile swallows on the wing, returning, flourish:The song thrush and the gentle-footed jaymake busy at their nests, their young to nourish. Lapwings, in... Continue Reading →


The Bay has taken on the shape of summer;high-cloud clears to sparkle-tip the waves:glittering prize bequeathed to us in winterwhen ice-cold breaths warmed into brighter days I’m falling ever deeper like the surf-swellplummets towards the depths of this salt seasand underfoot I stand, glowing and grateful:golden, the love your heart has gifted me My mind’s... Continue Reading →

Love’s Labour’s Lost #poetry #dVerse

Love’s labour’s lost which seeks home out of place:an unswept hearth, a heart as black as coal.It rather should burn steadily, keeping pacewith kindred spirits, render true hearts whole Love’s labour’s patient, understanding, kindseeks not to self-aggrandise, or deceive;seeks rather to spread light, though it be blind:Love’s lantern light shines that we might receive  Its... Continue Reading →

Spring into Summer #SonnetSunday

This Spring into Summer has me hangingas if to say, 'Wait - we're not quite there yet!'Long days of rain, holed up in my room singingI have endured, shunning the cold and wet and on days when the bright sea looks invitingI've shivered by the shore bewilderedby those brave souls who think nothing of divinginto... Continue Reading →

Easter Sonnet Sunday #2: Easter Eggs by Sarah Connor

How could you think of Easter without eggs?Shiny, foil-wrapped, hidden around the garden,small girls in nighties with their sturdy legsand boys in jammies, seeking, ardent?And boiled eggs, with their brightly painted shellswaiting for you to crack them. Inside, white and gold,like spring itself - blossom and daffodils.Winter is suddenly something we can holdand crack wide open.... Continue Reading →

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