Easter Sonnet Sunday #4: An Easter Bonnet by Nick Reeves

Both heels of his palms, this Easter, held red
punctures; Caesar’s crest, grace and pardon.
He gifted his wrists to his pockets and bled
blooms, like the roses in a Roman garden.

From the terrace she watched the pageant unfold:
Bowered petals showered the crowd in the street
and lovers, on scooters, cheered and threw gold
and blue powder; dust from his hair to his feet. 

A girl in an Easter bonnet last year
had sung him no less a sonnet of love.
He’d not heard her voice since he was last here,
but she sang to him now from somewhere above.

He brought a palm to his brow and gazed up.
A girl in an Easter bonnet raised her cup.

A synthesis of Easters past and present

I love the way Nick’s sonnet weaves traditional Easter imagery with modern pageantry, into a love story. Wow!

Nick Reeves has guest posted at EIF before and is three time winner of the EIF Poetry challenge! Find more of his poetry and short fiction at nickreeves.blog.

Photo by Alem Sánchez from Pexels

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  1. A truly fine piece of writing by Nick. I love the elegant way he synthesises the ancient passion with the immediacy of the present

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