Cat’s Eye #poetry #dVerse

Cowering in the cupboard: 
well I would be if I could

emitting a sharp hiss at the slightest approach 
of danger. 

Well it’s almost like this:
‘Get back!’ I hiss ‘And leave me

to face the dark side alone, again
I didn’t ask for this, but I’ve been given…’

‘There are worse things happen at sea’
you say, and so there are

especially to cats
who hate the water.

So I’ll only say for now
you’d better stay away

when I arch my back and all my goosebump-hairs
stand up on end

I am spitting venom, for your own sake
stay away.

And so we live,
to fight another day.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Kim is hosting Poetics, and has asked us to write a poem in the first person inspired by ‘The Print the Whales Make‘ by Marjorie Saiser.

I happen to be in PMDD ‘hell week’ in the same week we adopted a rescue cat, who is very nervous. I feel a definite affinity with this poor creature.

The whole of April is ‘PMDD Awareness Month‘ and I am doing my bit to try and raise awareness of the condition.

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  1. I was hoping you’d write about your newly adopted cat, Ingrid, and can imagine how busy you are juggling the settling in of the cat, the awareness raising, feeling under the weather yourself, and writing poetry for various prompts and NaPoWrriMo, as well as your own projects.

    How can one not feel feline affinity? I want to be reincarnated as a cat. As I type this, Mojo is sitting on the desk beside me, watching me type and purring loudly, while Luna sits on the outside windowsill looking in. I think anyone who has ever had a cat has experienced the cat in a cupboard situation, which you have conveyed vividly in this poem. I love the touch of humour too.

  2. Love the parallels between the the cat’s life and yours! Particularly enjoying the line: “I am spitting venom, for your own sake
    stay away.”

    Plenty of people think it brave to face the venom, but venom has always been more a warning than a weapon. Loving the formatting of this piece too!

  3. I love the poignancy with which this poem is penned, Ingrid! I too was hoping you would write about the cat you have adopted, a fabulous parallel between PMDD and the settling in of the cat (a most adorable one too) I hope and pray that you feel better soon. 💝💝

  4. Poor kitty and hugs to you too, Ingrid. She looks pretty content in the cupboard. Hope you find your “cupboard” so you can relax a little until the subsiding.

  5. This is so touching. I just want to run over and care for both you and the cat! In the background doing whatever needs doing, so you can come out of hiding whenever you feel like it. ❤️

    By the way I’ve answered your email. 🙏

  6. Evinces so well the hissing flash of out of control hormones. I think you could also write of the damaged earth as suffering something similar.

  7. You created a nice parallel to felines and us. We have been without a cat for several years now. O\urs was a feral rescue too at 6 months old; the great thing was it never needed a litter box. It just cAme in for food and love.

  8. yes I’ve met cats that take refuge in closets and many women who would prefer one when their PMDD strikes! I’m also involved with our endometriosis group here … it ain’t pretty 🙁

  9. Quiet, dark, cushy isolation. Yes. I shared this with My Beloved Sandra. She could totally relate. Awesome work, Ingrid.

  10. I wish you felt better, Ingrid. You are a master at writing your way through discomfort and pain and you are in cute company, if there is hissing going on. 🤗

    1. Thanks Michele. I can write about it forever but I think I really need to bite the bullet and go to the doctor. I’m so afraid she won’t believe me. I think in the US the condition is much more well known and better understood.

      1. Writing can help release frustration, but yes, talking to your doctor is a good idea. Hopefully, she will be helpful. I wish I could be more helpful. If I come across anything that is, I will forward it to you. 🤗

  11. Excellent piece Ingrid, well written as always. From having lived several decades quite publicly, I have, for a couple decades now essentially, eschewed a social life. I’ rather be left alone, and left to my writing. People who knew me well, even into my 50’s, could never have predicted my current chosen lifestyle. Several very difficult experiences drove me to close the door on my previously vigorous social life. I like it this way.

    1. I can understand the need to retreat, though I have to be careful not to become a total recluse, as I do miss people occasionally!

  12. I’d actually never thought of a cat that way, Ingrid… shows how lacking my imagination is 😉

    You’re in my thoughts this week, as always.


  13. I’ve known many cats and you’ve captured them wonderfully!
    “I am spitting venom, for your own sake
    stay away.”
    So true. Yet, we love them because we understand.

  14. I hope both you and your cat feel better and more comfortable soon, Ingrid. A perfect analogy.

    When we first adopted our cat who died last year, he was a scared kitten. The shelter people called him Demon cat because he growled all the time. He didn’t like a lot of people, but he loved us.

  15. love your post and your cute poem Ingrid!
    Oh he’s so cute.
    What’s his name.
    He has potential and that is the perfect spot for him.
    He looks like you! 💖
    He looks like a sweetie and he will come around I think.
    meow … sssssssss (hiss)

      1. you’re so welcome.. Awww cute 🤣
        We could have used a balance of another girl in that house but you will remain queen forever!

      2. Hey Cindy just to let you know not to worry – I have won kitty over already and he now loves me! It only took 5 cans of fish 😹

      3. Oh maybe it ended up in spam! Thank you so much, I wanted to save you the time but I’ll take a look for it 🤗

  16. It genuinely feels that’s what a cat is thinking when they give “that” look..😂 If the cat could speak, she would have have thanked you for giving words to her thoughts.. 😄

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