Le Horla, Mental Health and #PMDD

I haven't done a PMDD post so far this month. But rest assured, while I've been cheerily sending out Postcards from Slovenia, privately I've been going through hell. Today I'd like to discuss PMDD, and other mental health conditions, in the light of a thoroughly powerful and disturbing short story by Guy de Maupassant. Spoiler... Continue Reading →

Like This, a Poem about #PMDD

How can I go onLike thisI sometimes wonderHow can I go onAt allWhen my body Throws me curveballsAnd nobodyCan be asked to understandThe demons that existInside of meThough only temporarilyThey torment me So I lose myselfFor whole days at a timeAnd one day's damageCan’t be easily undoneIn fourteenWhen it begins againWhen seemingly it wins aginAgain again so... Continue Reading →

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