I’m a pest #poetry #dVerse

I’m a pest, I’m a pest, 
anapestically speaking
for I rhyme every time
without pausing or breaking

each monotonous line
with a flick of the keys:
I can drone on for hours
writing stanzas like these;

but I like a good metre
that’s as firm as it’s strong
and as swiftly remembered
as your best-hated song;

so will someone please stop me
before I’m sent off?
I could try this myself
but it’s going to be tough…

until up leaps my cat
with his tail pointed skyward
and disdaining my art
he walks over my keyboard…

🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾

That gave me ‘paws for thought’
(such a terrible pun)
but don’t worry, it’s bedtime:
my word-play is done.

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Another poem featuring my cat…

Well, you’ve heard of doggrel. I suppose this must be cattrel! Björn is hosting Meeting the Bar at dVerse, and he’s asked us to write a poem using anapestic tetrameter (think ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.) So I thought I’d have a little fun!

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  1. Give me cattreI any day, Ingrid, I love it! Your cat is gorgeous, and I bet he appreciates your poem. 😊 Your poem swings, it’s got rhythm and rhyme, and it is such fun!

  2. LOVE it! The words tumbled so smoothly into place and so fun to read. I think you may be “anapestically” gifted, Ingrid, so no….don’t stop! 🙂

  3. Cattrell, indeed. So much fun, Ingrid! The other day, our cat walked over my husband’s keyboard and opened Wikipedia somehow. We laughed about how smart he was to look up things. 🤣

  4. “Paws for thought” — A charming ditty with the last lines leaving us smiling! Thanks for that.

  5. This made me laugh out loud. And you make the anapestic tetrameter seems effortless.

    And the cat’s do tend to walk over the keybord, or sleep either on my notebook or the book I’m currently reading. Not to mention pinching the pencil I’m using and running off.

  6. This is simply brilliant Ingrid. So refreshing for the mind to just romp and roll in the wonderfully sweet ridiculousness of your charming writing — while riding the bouncingly buoyant meter. I loved this! ❤️😉

  7. Your great poem made me smile. I love your cat with a sense of humor. Great lines….
    🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾

    That gave me ‘paws for thought’

  8. Wow, here I am at the tail end of the queue. I wish I had gone with the Seuss short version. Your solution was great fun, and didn’t seem to have the arduous nature of the 12 syllable lines, with four stresses. Smile.

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