Reading: ‘When I come back, I will be grief’ by Sherry Marr

Today, I read the second poem from The Anthropocene Hymnal, ‘When I come back, I will be grief,’ by Sherry Marr. Sherry asked me to read the poem, and I hope I have done it justice. It is a hugely emotive piece, and Sherry’s words feel more timely than ever:

Sherry Marr
Sherry Marr

Sherry Marr has written since she was a child. She has been in love with the natural world all her life; it informs most of her poems, as does the climate crisis and the suffering of creatures in the non-human realm. She has been writing in the online poetry community since 2010. She lives in Clayoquot Sound on the West Coast of Canada. Many of her poems sing of its beauty.

The Anthropocene Hymnal goes on sale tomorrow and will be available in Paperback and Kindle format (from Amazon) and in PDF format (from this site). I will be donating all of my royalties to WWF, in an effort to help protect the planet and raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity crisis.

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  1. You have done justice to these beautiful, eloquent, and striking words, Ingrid! I particularly enjoy the nuances your accent lends to each word and Sherry’s title? Lovely!

  2. Thank you, Ingrid, for reading my poem so beautifully, and congratulations on the launch of The Anthropocene Hymnal, which could not be more timely. I hope word of this book spreads, with its urgent message. It is lovely that proceeds will go to WWF. That is awesome.

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