The Anthropocene Hymnal is published!

The waiting is over! You can now purchase The Anthropocene Hymnal in Paperback and Kindle format from Amazon (just select your relevant region).

The Anthropocene Hymnal

I also have a PDF version of the book available. I am not selling the PDF, but asking for a donation to my WWF Fundraiser. Once you have made your donation (minimum €3 or equivalent in your currency) please email confirmation to and I will send you the PDF by return email. I will aim to respond to your email and send you the PDF within 24 hours of receiving it. I will also be making regular personal donations of my Amazon royalties as and when I receive them. Please follow my fundraiser page for updates!

Today also marks two years of sobriety for me. I had a quick look back over my Lessons Learned in One Year Sober post, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing I’d written there. I would only add that after an additional year, I’ve had a whole lot more ‘life on life’s terms’ thrown at me, and I’ve become all the stronger because of it. Best of all, I have managed to publish my first book!

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the anthology, or supported this project in any way. It means so much to me to be doing something to raise funds and raise awareness as we plunge headlong into an unprecedented era. I am sharing this news with earthweal’s Open Link Weekend, as earthweal and its contibutors played a fundamental role in the anthology’s creation.

Finally, one small request: if you have read and enjoyed the anthology, I would be very grateful if you could leave a review, either on Amazon, your blog, or both! This will help sell more copies, therefore raising more money and awareness.

One thousand thank yous,

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