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People come and go
doing their people-y things
getting caught up then breaking free again
entanglements and disentanglings
and I try not to get caught up
in webs of deceit, mistakings and misgivings 
but I’m a person too
and susceptible to human failings
aren’t we beings?
We do and do and do
and never let ourselves 
or anyone around us be
and the same goes for the whole world
so we’re fighting a war on too many fronts
the one within becomes the one without
nobody wins
we all

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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      1. 👍 Probably noticed, I don’t comment as much. I’m trying to follow more blogs, which is great but requires time. 🙂

  1. This is thoughtful and thought provoking Ingrid. I wish we’ve learned by now to harness our do,do,do minds into better purposes.

  2. Powerful poem, Ingrid. As you do. 👏🏼 The line about letting others be resonates with me regarding being a parent. The process of letting go and letting my daughter “be,” which has so many meanings. I am there now, but it was a journey to get to this place – an empowering and wonderful place it is. 💗 🙏🏼

  3. Oh dear. Life is crazy now and people are very stressed. Your poem sums it but please don’t fall down. You are a beautiful woman with much love in your heart. Rest and recuperate. Huge projects like the book you produced are draining particularly when the stakes are so high – anthropocene grief and exhaustion are very real. What I do to get back together is spend time with kids doing simple stuff – baking, playing together etc. If I’m too exhausted for that I detach for a bit by listening to lovely music and going to quiet natural places. Take care. Love Suzanne

  4. Such a great poem Ingrid so well said on the human condition.
    I’m glad you hit the mountains this last weekend.
    This condition you spoke of requires constant attention.

  5. The line ‘we do and do and do’ – so true. Too easy to feel one has to continually keep on ‘doing’. Letting ‘be’ is somehow harder. Thought-provoking poem Ingrid – hits the mark.

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