The Anthropocene Hymnal: Fundraising Update!

Today, I was delighted to receive my first royalties from Amazon, and donate these to my WWF Anthropocene Hymnal fundraiser! If you take a look at the page, you can see the progress, which represents my royalties from 24.07.21-31.07.21 (Amazon pay two months in arrears.) I will continue to post monthly fundraising updates for as long as I continue to receive royalties.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has contributed the anthology, supported this project, written a review, or bought a copy of the book!

I am thrilled to have reached almost 20% of my €1000 fundraising target. I’ll admit that marketing is not my strong point, and though I’ve had wonderful support from members of this community, if anyone has any ideas for bringing this project to a wider audience, I’d love to hear them. This way we can spread awareness and raise money for a charity which is working to help save the planet for future generations. Below are some beautiful pictures shared on social media by satisfied customers:

And here is the latest review from Amazon, thanks to Michele Lee Sefton:

Poets and artists can move others to act and change in ways that lectures and the news never will. This anthology, The Anthropocene Hymnal: Songs of a self-defining era, brings together many poetic voices, each unique in their subjects and style, but together they create a compelling song of urgency for our planet, our home. I highly recommend this anthology that exceeds what the dedicated editor, Ingrid Wilson, set out to accomplish, thoughtfully described in her introduction.

Last, but not least, The Anthropocene Hymnal is available from Amazon, and I will continue to donate all of my royalties to WWF. You can also receive a PDF copy of the anthology by making a donation to my fundraising page.

Thank you once again!

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  1. I received my copy from Amazon yesterday, just as promised.
    I took the book out with me to the park.
    Read part one. Pausing to reflect on each masterpiece. Totally enamored.
    What a labor of love this is. Thank you. I’ll continue doing what I can. I believe in this project. All the best. xo

  2. I’m so pleased to hear how well, it’s all going. I’m not much chop at marketing either. I assume you’ve put it on Twitter? I just tried to buy the PDF but for some reason my bank won’t approve the transaction. I can’t imagine what that’s about. 🙁 The CSV on the back of my card is very faded and hard to read but I tried the two alternatives I thought possible.

  3. Wow, Ingrid. Those are rather amazing returns on a poetry volume. I am wildly impressed. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, as it is working. I will try to think of some venues or poetry communities who might be interested in such a volume. Did you mention it at dVerse (I imagine you did). Way to go!

    1. Thank you Sherry! I mention it everywhere 😅 perhaps I need a publicity stunt next…I would love to do some public readings or something…

  4. Awesome news! Congratulations on receiving your first royalty payment. Thank you for sharing updates with us and for including my review. 😊 It was an honor to write. I wish I could offer you advice on marketing. 😂 If I find or do anything helpful I will be sure to pass it on to you.

  5. I am delighted to hear of this, Ingrid, and hope the book continues to sell beautifully to people looking to raise their awareness or give a conscious gift this season!

  6. Ingrid, this is just wonderful! You are very, very good at marketing I’d say! Kudos… and the book’s concept, look and editorial quality are beautiful! Huge congrats!

      1. 😱😱😱 heavens, no! PMDD is hell, but that temporary solution is too drastic. It is poetry-related exciting news (what other kind is there? 🤣🤣🤣)

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