Festive Sonnet Sunday: Fun at Christmas? by Valdis Stakle

It’s Christmas now and time to have some fun
it is the season so they say of joy
it could be me, that I’m the only one
who wonders if it’s just a crazy ploy

With master cards unsheathed we make our way
into the labyrinths of shops and stores
the presents bought will surely make our day
the gifts we hope will open hearts and doors

But some I fear will spend this time alone
bereft with none to share this magic day
cold and lonely all they do is moan
and for this time to end is all they pray:

So spare a thought for those deprived of love
and hope that they get comfort from above

Questioning the commercialism of Christmas

I am glad that veteran soneteer Valdis took our attention away from the glitter and glitz of a consumerist Christmas and asked us to spare a thought for those less fortunate. ‘Tis the season of goodwill to all, after all!

Stay tuned for more, as Festive Sonnet Sunday continues…

15 thoughts on “Festive Sonnet Sunday: Fun at Christmas? by Valdis Stakle

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  1. I agree. We gonna make a little merry, but as you say, let’s forget not the bereft. Let’s mourn with them and try to comfort them, at least to put a smile on their face. Quite a helpful piece!πŸ‘

  2. Oh Vladis this a wonderful poem to remind us to open our hearts and pockets.
    I love that so many help on these occasions and this song of prayer is the best.
    It sets the tone for me today as I’m starting out doing just that today! xπŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. Thanks to all for your kind comments and observations. I wish a happy Christmas and a Hopeful New Year to all of you.

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