Festive Sonnet Sunday: Then Days will Lengthen by Cheryl Batavia

Forgotten are the venerated trees,the winter solstice rites of yesteryears.Neglected are the ancient mysteries.Our sacred groves are drowned in Gaia's tears.Beloved traditions once so highly prized,now, tattered vestiges of olden times.Our cherished ambitions, half-realized,faint echoes of the ancient, mystic rhymes.A wreath of evergreens adorns my doorfor winter solstice, the year's longest night.Observing festivities as before,we'll... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Hollow by Ivor Steven #SonnetSunday

We come from a land down-underWhere men eat green pumpkin and cucumberOur bayside town is called Sleepy HollowWhere the nights are too quiet for owls and swallowsHere, Halloween spirits live beyond the outer limitsAnd are only allowed to visit at sunset's dying minutes During the full moon’s twilight zoneWe drink goanna juice from orange conesAnd... Continue Reading →

Shadows by Vinny #SonnetSunday

The candle flickers and dances with flowing grace.And is that wind that shakes the panes?My eyes close and I can see your  pallid face.Bright, now dark, blood, once flowed through your silent veins. The cold hand that used to caress with longing desire.Touches my neck and my very soul a'shivers.An eternal flame not quenched by... Continue Reading →

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