Sonnet Sunday Inspiration #1: Form

In preparation for Halloween Sonnet Sunday, I did some internet searching, only to discover that the Halloween Sonnet is not really 'a thing'... yet! This is great news, because it gives us a chance to be innovators with the form. I did, however, wish to provide some inspiration, so I'm happy I landed upon Pop... Continue Reading →

Seasons of the Heart #SonnetSunday

I feel the spell of winter in my heartat any time I am estranged from youthough it be summer, and we are apartI cannot feel the warmth of summer’s due. The August grapes look withered on the vineand leaves seem russet, though they be full greenwhen separated from that light of thinewhich could make summer... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Breath by Darius #SonnetSunday

As autumn crumbles into brittle parts,And lifted on a whisper of winter's breath,Another season of the year departs,The cloud's brief tears bear mourning of its death,  Cold snatches the pearls of heavenly birth,To sprinkle twee crystal parcels in lieu,Bewitching giggling streams in sheets of mirth,Primed for pebbles to free the babbling blue, Sleeping giants will... Continue Reading →

Fall into Winter (Canberra-Australia) #SonnetSunday

I don’t fall into winter, not like the dead leaves,but charge in, daubed cheeks and white breath;eager mornings tugging aside curtains’ sheavesto see the silvering frost-blanket the night has left. I don’t fall into winter, wishing for some brakesholding arms in front of me, trying to stop time.I gallop in gladly, relishing air’s chilly embracefinding... Continue Reading →

Mayday Sonnet Sunday #4: Are we Homo Sapiens enough?

Are we, homo sapiens, enough to save ourselves and save the soul of every earthborn thing?We’re all burnt out, like books pulled down from shelvesand tossed upon the pyre of long-lost learning. We turn a blind eye to our historyand science too, ignoring every factembracing selfishness and infamyto cheat ourselves into our final act. We march... Continue Reading →

Mayday Sonnet Sunday #3: Come, workers of the world

Come, workers of the world, let us unitein questioning the purpose of our role:to build a future fair, and free, and brightor drudge towards some profit-driven goal? We may feel we are cogs within a wheelwithin another wheel relentlessly such wheels are turned until we barely feelour role within our planet’s destiny. Perhaps we are climbing... Continue Reading →

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