New Year? Newsletter!

Happy New Year to all of my Dear Readers!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season, and managed to recharge your batteries. I enjoyed taking some time out and having fun with my family: the greatest gift of all!

As I mentioned earlier, I have lots of exciting plans for EIF in 2022. If you want to be the first to know about them, please sign up for my email newsletter, by using the subscription form at the end of this post. I will be sending out monthly newsletters with relevant updates, so you can be the first to know about new publications and courses on offer. I certainly won’t be spamming up your inbox with irrelevant ads!

I look forward to sharing my news with you, and hope to hear some of yours as well. Feel free to use the comment section of this post to tell me about your creative plans for 2022…


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58 thoughts on “New Year? Newsletter!

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      1. Yes, it sounds like you will be very busy. (BTW, I got the same newsletter sent to me twice, and gmail marked it as suspicious both times.)

      2. Sorry again 🙈 I am having problems with Mailchimp…today has been a stressful blogging day, hence the typos 😅

      3. I knew I’d sent it twice, but I’d missed some people, and didn’t know how to send theirs without sending yours again too 😅

    1. Thank you Gabriela, and Happy New Year to you! There is a box to subscribe at the bottom of the post, but it doesn’t show up very well on WP Reader 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. The form worked ok? Thanks Tricia! I will send the newsletter manually as I haven’t worked out how to automate it yet 🤦🏽‍♀️

  1. Ingrid – HNY!

    Will there be content included in your newsletter that isn’t available on your blog? Also – do you have to pay for Mail Chimp?


    1. Hi David, and HNY to you!

      There will be exclusive updates and perhaps the odd bonus poem – who knows 😅

      I’m using the free version at the moment, which seems to be reasonable…ish!

  2. Here’s to a wonderful year Ingrid and even better one this year. I tried to it but it’s not working but you know I’m in and you have all of my pertinent information! 💖💖💖
    Can’t wait to receive it and here’s to more joy, peace, abundance and fun this year and who knows maybe a signing contract.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💖

    1. Oh I’m having technical issues Cindy! I don’t like this Mailchimp thing 🤯 hand me the recording contract 🤣 🎤 🎶 🙉

  3. I have just signed up! I love that you are starting a newsletter, as it is a fun and immediate way to connect with people. May the words flow, Ingrid, and I am excited to see what you have planned. 🙂

  4. Ingrid, my dear. Congratulations. I subscribed successfully. Yay! I’ve been with Mailchimp for many moons now. And for a non-techy person to tell you that I love it, is… I don’t know– good perhaps. I use the free thingy, which works for me as I do not have 2,000 subscribers YET. (hehe, will I ever?)
    In the last two months, I’ve been faced with !! wth?! moments>> The cute little monkey with the mailman hat company: Mailchimp is now an Intuit company!! A big change.
    … and in their reports this new Intuit-purchased-company tells me I need to send out the right amount of emails, AND To make my letters look legitimate, so that my “sender reputation” can “score” higher.
    Sheesh! Darn if I know how to do that! Or if I’m doing anything to score anything other than friendships. That’s my goal with my newsletter.
    I’m not quitting them yet, though. Not yet as I’m already used to some things at Mailchimp. I’ll try to work on learning more. All the best to you.
    One note: ask your subscribers to add your newsletter address to their contact list, so that your letters don’t end in spam. That’s what they told me (indirectly, of course, as there’s no way for non paying users to reach them). Again, all the best. xoxo

    1. Oh dear Selma, I hate Mailchimp so far! It doesn’t seem very user-friendly and is all about generating sales. I just want something simple so I can contact all of you wonderful people outside of WP if I need to. But it’ll do for now. It’s a learning curve! ❤️

      1. While it’s free and you’re learning the ropes of this new machine, and IF YOU HAVE time, check out MailerLite. It’s free too.
        My friends seem to love it.

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