‘Manicure’ published at MasticadoresUSA!

In truth I’ve only done this once before
ten years ago, the day before my wedding 
perhaps I didn’t feel I deserved more:
the colours fade, the skin around them shedding…

Please visit MasticadoresUSA to continue reading. This is my first poem as a featured contributor to MasticadoresUSA. Thanks to the Editor, the wonderful Gabriela Marie Milton for her continued help and support!

I’m moving house today so I may be slow returning comments. Apologies in advance – I will get back to you: wishing you a wonderful day!


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  1. Oh my only one manicure before your wedding. I am heading over there now to read. You’re going to need one after the move! Good luck with that and congratulations on your first piece as a Monthly contributing author! πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I especially like this, Ingrid:

    “(my heart is dancing as I write this down)
    line after line, my words, my hopes and fears
    polished like a nail-tip, crystalline
    and shining into this day and the next”

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