MasticadoresUSA: Monthly Contributors Announced!

MasticadoresUSA, edited by the bestselling poet Gabriela Marie Milton, announces its monthly contributors today, and I am honoured to be included amongst them. I am joined by other talented poets including Cindy Georgakas and Jeff Flesch, and our poetry will be featured regularly on the site every month. Follow the site for further updates, and... Continue Reading →

World without end published at MasticadoresUSA!

There was a cabinet containing skittleslined up on a chequerboard in the museumwhen I was youngand two walls of the cabinetwere mirrorsso it looked as if the skittles stretched out to eternity...  Please visit MasticadoresUSA to continue reading. I am delighted to have another piece published here. My thanks to editor Gabriela Marie Milton for her continued support... Continue Reading →

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