Breath of hope #Villanelle #poetry

I try to bring the sunshine where I can
though days seem dark, the future dim, obscure: 
a breath of hope born where my life began.

There are no certainties, for child, or man:
nothing to which we may cling, constant, sure
I try to bring the sunshine where I can.

Though some seem to seek for the entire span
of their lives, to destroy what is most pure:
that breath of hope born when our lives began

I still believe there is another plan
which waits within the wings, and will endure,
so try to bring the sunshine where I can

For life’s a dream: we cannot understand
its fullness, and in letting go, procure
that breath of hope born where our lives began.

There is no sheltered space to which I run:
I stand firm as the waves crash to the shore
and try to bring the sunshine where I can
that breath of hope borne through my whole life’s span.

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Trying to bring a little hope

It’s difficult at the moment, isn’t it? The situation in Ukraine, and climate breakdown, not to mention any struggles we may face as individuals. I’m battling PMDD this week, and I’ve also had kids off sick, so it’s been hard to keep up with comments and reading: please excuse me, I will try my best to catch up! I’m offering this breath of hope to anyone who might need it. It isn’t much, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

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  1. Poignant poem! I’m sorry about your current situation.But the Mighty God will get you through it all.

  2. Hope is a beautiful thing, and it is beautifully expressed in your poem, Ingrid. Hope everyone feels better soon. I hope the invasion of Ukraine ends soon, and all of us can focus on healing the environment. <3

  3. Beautiful thoughts, Ingrid. It is difficult to think of good things right now, but there is still beauty and hope (and Nina Simone recordings). I hope you and kiddies are feeling better soon! 💙

  4. Wonderful words of hope .. you have brought sunshine into my gloomy day .. my writings are not that positive at the moment, .. hopefully I’ll start seeing the brighter side of life soon … oh I loved Nina Simone’s song … ☮🌏🌞💙

    1. I haven’t even been able to write for a few days, but I searched my heart the most positive poem I could in the circumstances!

      1. I understand Ingrid … even though I am on the over side the planet, I am feeling my decency in life has been stolen, and war situation is consuming my every thought … I wrote this poem today >> I might post it tomorrow, ??
        “The Gates of Hell Over Stolen Ground”

        Do you feel the weight?
        Of radio-active clouds
        Hanging over stolen ground
        Do you hear the birds singing?
        Is that peaceful sound

        Do you hear warning sirens howl?
        Resonating like old war songs
        When bombs are guided into sacred ground
        Fires from hell destroying beds and towns
        As ashen children wander over burnt ground

        Home is a communal air-raid shelter
        Where families fearfully huddle together underground
        The torn loyalties of alien soldiers
        Tread lightly and warily upon broken ground

      2. That sums up the ultimate nightmare, Ivor! I think in such a situation I’d be hoping to be taken out quickly, because I don’t think there would be any survivors in the long term 😳

  5. Sending you a big hug Ingrid and I’m with you my friend! I’m feeling you and feeling you with the unthinkable. Thanks for your lovely poem of sun and hope.. xoxoxoo

  6. Ingrid your piece was beautiful and full of hope. I pray you feel better soon. These are difficult times. I will say a prayer for you and your family. If we are a family, a community of artist with love none of us should get upset by unanswered comments or needed time away. Take the time you need. Love and blessings, Joni

      1. Oh that is wonderful news. I know I continue to pray to God for the stopping of this horrific atrocity against innocent people just trying to live the best way that they can, without hurting anyone else. I know you have a big heart Ingrid, praying for continued good health and that all will be well in God’s time. Poland has definitely stepped up and taken in so many refugees, their kindness is almost unbelievable. Also the people of Valencia have taken in hundreds of refugee children by an organization there, placing them in host families. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. This is reassuring to me:
    “For life’s a dream: we cannot understand
    its fullness, and in letting go, procure
    that breath of hope born where our lives began.”
    Hope the kids feel better soon and you also <3

  8. This is such a beautiful poem, Ingrid. “ For life’s a dream: we cannot understand
    its fullness, and in letting go, procure
    that breath of hope born where our lives began.” Brilliant, and so lovely. 😊

  9. We come with what we have and your villanelle is a LOT! I havent tried one, but love the pantoum. Maybe tomorrow i will pen one. Your poem is beautiful, standing, steadfast, beside the sea. I have had a hopeful heart all my life too. It is faltering now.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this, Sherry. I have spent a lot of time at the boundary between hope and despair, and have to keep the faith that hope and love always triumph in the end.

  10. It’s certainly a naturally good thing to light up faces wherever we go or stay and be the rainbow in other people’s lives. It’s even sweeter to find hope and to give it. ❤

  11. You do bring the sunshine. 🌞 You also offer thoughtful and reflective lines, in addition to your champion voice for a healthier planet. 🌏 You know I love Nina. 🥰 Your “isn’t much” is a lot! 🙏🏻

  12. “I try to bring the sunshine where I can
    though days seem dark, the future dim, obscure: ” —

    The morning sun rises, though, I see it daily, changes occur a little bit, they inspire.

    For me, dark means lack of knowledge, and patience, because, then I easily give up, over my confrontations.

    I scold myself.

    The future is blurry. Every day seems tougher & tougher. I’m scattered among my interests, habits, beliefs and “ambitions”.

    But then I quit everything. Take a 15 min. break. I closely hear the inner heartbeats and “a breath of hope born where my life began”.

  13. I read this and remember an interview with a fleeing Ukranian mother with her very young children, saying how she shields them as much as she can, saying the explosions are thunder or fireworks. Offering sunshine does much for the ailing heart and warms the frozen landscape. Well done Ingrid, hope you’re feeling better.

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