Human Race #poetry #earthweal

The warp and the weave and the weft of the wind
only sings
sometimes a low and mournful moan
sometimes a heavy sigh
prophecy brings:
‘Awake, dull race, from your complacent slumber
see the world around you, world of wonder
within, as without
this you have no chance
to make it out
in one peace
and furthermore you have already lost this
human race.’

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Sharing with earthweal’s open link weekend #109

Audio sample from ‘Win‘ by David Bowie (fair use, I hope!)

In other news…I’m excited to announce I’m being interviewed for Issue V of Free Verse Revolution: don’t miss it!

49 thoughts on “Human Race #poetry #earthweal

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      1. I’m a happy chappy but on this one I’m like the bloke walking around with a placard, THE END IS NIGH….

      2. Certainly won’t! My plan is to be sat on my chimney drunk as the water rises past my knees…that is if the house doesn’t get blown away first!

  1. I hope it’s not entirely lost, though it’s looking very grim. We should have listened to all the Casandras.

    Congratulations on your upcoming interview! I’m sure you’ll let us know when it’s posted. 😊

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming interview, Ingrid. I am looking forward to it!

    Your poem is beautiful. Though time is of the essence, humanity keeps kicking the can down the road. Love the short video. The wind turbine is a powerful symbol of hope. <3

  3. Profoundly wise, Ingrid. As human beings, when we fully get what you are pointing to here, the entire world opens up and we become much more present to life. Lovely poem. 👏👏☺️

  4. If we all opened our eyes to the world of wonder, we might live more gently on this planet. Loved your poem! And congrats on the interview!

  5. such beautiful wise words Ingrid love these words..

    ” without
    this you have no chance
    to make it out
    in one peace”

    Congratulations on the interview! 💖👏

  6. this resonates deeply Ingrid, congrats on the interview … had wondered how you got that lovely video so evenly panned – a train makes sense 🙂

  7. Nora Chadwick has a great volume on Poetry and Prophecy – they are intricately linked – a proper poem reads the world and God’s mind with words from deep in the heart. I rather agree that human agency is largely doomed, but that world has been so since Prometheus.

  8. “already lost the race” has such impact. I love that David Bowie song, one of my top 10 favorites of his, and that is saying something. Congratulations on the interview!

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