Your Words’ Worth #poetry

Your words are worth a thousand of most folks’
plucked from the mountain air you walk within,
the lake shore which abounds in ancient oaks
the rivers and the valleys in between

The landscape of my youth, and of of my home
enriched your lines through seasons out of time
this sacred landscape I am blessed to roam
rolls off the tongue, bewitched, and rich with rhyme

Tempered with grief, and yet not hardened so
tended with love, as the beloved plot
above which played a girl while slept below
a brother, one of seven, un-forgot

Your words are worth more than their weight in gold:
wonders, which but for them would rest untold

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Happy Birthday, W.W.!

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  1. This is a wonderful piece, charming Ingrid. Life is all we have to live with all the loving and caring people around us. Really evocative and inspiring a piece it is.

      1. Well, Nabokov’s dates are approximate I think because of the different calendar πŸ€” Wikipedia says 22.04 πŸ˜… Shakespeare also died on 23.04!

  2. Ingrid, your birthday tribute poem transported me – to a place, rich in beauty and love. An enchanting connection you have to your land. πŸ’ž

      1. 😊 Absolutely! It would be wonderful. πŸŒ„ If you ever get to visit the wild west, I would be happy to be your guide. 🏜️

  3. oh I love this lovely poem and imagery Ingrid!
    “Tempered with grief, and yet not hardened so
    tended with love, as the beloved plot”

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