Everwild #poetry #earthweal

Catbells is changing colour
burnished copper into gilded green
the fields, alive in flower
give on to glorious mountainscapes, serene

Higher peaks peppered with snow, below
the wan sun warms the valley floor
here we may lay aside sorrow
where grieving sings no more

The birds trill out their tra-la-la song
all the length of my broad trail
their honeyed melodies in throng
rise, warm my heart, and rouse the vale

And all the land’s alight with springtime
majestic mountain, rolling field
beats with my heart, my footsteps keep time
and I am reborn: everwild

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I went out walking in the Lake District yesterday, came back with aching legs, and heaps of poetry…

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51 thoughts on “Everwild #poetry #earthweal

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  1. Well penned Ingrid, Loved these lines, and the wonderful old song from Carole King
    “here we may lay aside sorrow
    where grieving sings no more”

  2. “majestic mountain, rolling field” — This line is amazingly beautiful.👌

    I do check blog posts, once in a week, or whenever I feel to read. I enjoyed your poem.

    Though your blog name is “Experiment in Fiction”, you’re a natural gifted writer.

    Take care of yourself, friend. 🖌️🎨🌍😇

  3. “Everwild” – how perfect! I felt the beauty of the trail, alive with birdsong. How lovely.

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