Riddles for dVerse #poetry

Carver of mountains
cover of distant moons
lightest when hardest
to crack
only takes
the subtle trickle of
a tear

Deceives the deceiver
beguiles the believer
fuels the fire of self-devouring flame
burns all without reason
to self-love is treason
pleased to meet you:
hope you guess my name

Longest when night nears ending
almost to madness sending
the afflicted
worrier, or lover
alone, seeking escape beneath the cover
of darkness
numbering their flocks in vain.

*these two lines from ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ by the Rolling Stones. Everything else: © 2022 experimentsinfiction.com. All Rights Reserved.

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Björn has asked us to write riddles in verse form. I think mine are perhaps too easy, but it’s a good challenge to try and conceal the answer. I am sure I will struggle with everyone else’s riddles! I will provide the answers in the comments, but please have a go at guessing first. And join in at dVerse for more!

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  1. Rrrrrr… Rumpelstiltskin is the first thought that came through to me. But I’m sure I’m wrong. Sorry, I haven’t read that many good books.
    But the words are lovely. Thanks.

  2. I am so dumb – I thought I was looking at one long riddle! Eek! (I had a late night in my defence). Love the flow of your verse and the images (which of course now make perfect sense!).

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