‘The Line’ Featured at Masticadores USA

Many thanks once again to editor Gabriela for featuring my poem. Here’s a sneak preview:

Pay out the line
cast it cautiously
(not over-cautiously) and
dip it deep
into the wellspring
of your wild imagination:
come up singing.

Continue reading at MasticadoresUSA! I wrote this two years ago, but this is the first time it has been published. I think my style has changed in the time since I wrote it, but the message has not. To me, poetry is all about working with lines, and ‘the line’ is the underlying thread which unites the work as a whole. I hope you enjoy this poem about poetry and the poetic process!


25 thoughts on “‘The Line’ Featured at Masticadores USA

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  1. Lovely, Ingrid. Congratulations!
    It is interesting to see how one’s poetry changes (but also retains some essential components of one’s self).

  2. A wonderful beginning, Ingrid. ✨ I will enjoy reading the rest. Your poem evoked memories of casting a fishing line… many hours spent doing this with my fisherman dad. I would imagine what was below the surface. It kept my mind occupied. 🎣 Many similarities between fishing and writing poetry. 😁

      1. You are welcome. 😊 I am glad for the experience and memories. As a child I was bored silly and singing wasn’t allowed, as your poem mentions. Might scare the fish away!

  3. i love the metaphor and your words here Ingrid.. casting and digging deep. Such patience is required daily. I’m heading to MastecadoresUsa now.. πŸ’–πŸ’–

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