#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 Day 30!

Congratulations indeed, and thank you!

It has been a month! Many thanks to all who read, commented on, or otherwise supported this project. Thanks also to featured guest shit haikuists, Valdis Stakle and Gunta Binks. In addition to their contribution, I received the following guest shit haiku, either via email, or in the comments section of the #NaShiHaiKuMo posts. This seems like the appropriate time and place to share them:

you little spiky bastard
why won’t you f-off?

Annette Millican

English is tricky
speak it from poetic heart
all will understand

Jaya Avendel

April showers
pink petals in soft drift–
slippery–oh shit!

Merril D. Smith

Inspired by blossoms
I try to float in the breeze
fall with a loud thud


we are all bricks, born of clay
slapped into shape and hurried to the kiln
harden up mofos!


#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 may be over…

But the spirit of shit haiku lives on! Remember, you can shi write them any time, any place…so long as you have 17 fingers for counting those syllables 🀣🀣🀣

Hope to see you again next year! In the meantime, merchandise is available: contact me ingrid@experimentsinfiction.com for further details…

Ingrid Wilson and Nick Reeves (Shit Haiku H.Q.)

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