Caw, blimey! #poetry #dVerse

Caw, blimey, guv’nor:
What a pair of…eyes
I’ve never seen the likes, and such a size!
They’d make a handsome meal for my hatchlings!

Caw blimey guv’nor:
What a stinking corpse
smells good to me, no reason for remorse:
Dry eyes, full belly.

Caw, blimey, guv’nor!
Is that doll out there
in yonder field, with straw for hair
supposed to scare me?

Caw blimey, guv’nor:
What’s that strung up on yer fence?
A murder of my kind?
Now, that’s intense, and beastly!

Caw blimey, guvnor:
‘bird of bad omen’ you call me, 
pointing out the mote in mine, meanwhile
I pluck the beam from your eye!

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Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

Written for dVerse

I am hosting Poetics tonight, where I have issued a call for corvid poetry. Apologies to cockneys everywhere for the accent of my carrion crow, who sounds like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins! Tune in from 3pm ET at dVerse to join in the chattering of choughs…

And it’s a Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan! This song ends with a raven, so seems appropriate here…

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  1. Beautiful poem! The cockney slang actually makes it way better, in my opinion, and more humorous too! 😉
    And btw, have you uploaded the DVerse prompt on the site? I haven’t received the email yet…

  2. So much fun 😊and serious message too. Luv it

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  3. An interesting and thoughtfully planned prompt, Ingrid. Your poem is a creative and fun read! The video is a nice addition. Did you play the guitar for Bob Dylan’s birthday last year?

  4. You’ve accented the crows and it makes me think what sort of regional dialect (and possible prejudices) the birds around here may have. Wonderful.

  5. This is incredibly gorgeous work done, Ingrid! ❤️ I love the cadence and flow of this poem 😀

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