‘The Summer of Love and Fresh Air’ published at Spillwords!

It was the summer of love and fresh air:
God knows how we made it through,
with barely two red cents to rub together
you lit up my smile, did up my hair…

Please head over to Spillwords website to continue reading. My thanks to Dagmara and the team for continuing to publish and support my work.

It has been a very busy but incredibly beautiful summer filled with many unforgettable experiences, and it isn’t over yet…

I have not been writing or blogging as much as usual, as I am busy with the publishing side of EIF, but this has been a wonderful learning experience in itself. Do stay tuned for further updates, and enjoy the close of summer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere!


Featured image: Β© Nick Reeves, 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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      1. Yes, of course.. I do know the feeling well!

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