Advance Review of Archery In The UK from Kristiana Reed

With only two more days until the release of Archery In The UK, I am delighted to present this advance review from Kristiana Reed, editor of Free Verse Revolution:

Archery in the UK is a special collection, published by Experiments in Fiction, as it is a collaboration between Ingrid Wilson and Nick Reeves and tells their story. A story of love, distance and missives through the extended metaphor of archery. Think Cupid’s bow but far more tender…”

Read the full review on Kristiana’s blog. Thank you so much, Kristiana, for this in-depth, insightful and perceptive review!

As Nick has already pointed out, the collection is the culmination of a year’s work: the text grew organically with the turning of the year, but the last few weeks of bringing the physical product together have been as exhilarating as they have been hectic. I can’t wait to release this new collection! For readers who would like to reserve a copy in advance, the book is available for pre-order from Waterstones in the UK and Barnes & Noble in the US. Watch this space on 1 February for further information…


Medieval archer

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  1. Hello, Ingrid, my review of “Archery in the UK” is now live, as of 12:10 am Arizona time. I so enjoyed reading your lovely book! Have a great day!

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