On Gratitude…

Outside, the stars watch one by one
Orion hunts the coming sun,
while Cassiopeia curtseys, light
across the sky

At this hour, the world seems to sleep
though shy and timid creatures creep
to scratch out writhing worms
with urgency.

In one more hour, the birds begin
choir practice for the coming spring
as snowdrops burst through frozen earth

There is a hope in winter’s ebb
in the bejewelled spider’s web
as morning frost thaws into dew

And I shed tears to see landslide,
and tree-fall, clear-cut by our greed
while earth’s broad shoulders bear our burden

I draw a breath of gratitude
for this new season, life renewed
and wonder if we’ll heed her warning

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Written for dVerse

Tonight, I host Poetics, where we are writing of gifts, be they spiritual, material, or perhaps, simply natural. Join us from 8pm GMT, 3pm ET for more poetry of gratitude.

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  1. Two moving posts today from poetess and hostess Ingrid. Gratitude, yes! 💗 Enjoy your evening!
    Love this line: “choir practice for the coming spring” 🕊️

  2. Ah, Ingrid, I am grateful for both your prompt and your poem. I love your night-time landscape in the opening stanza and the interaction of the stars, while in the second stanza, down on earth, ‘the world seems to sleep’. I also love the lines:
    ‘There is a hope in winter’s ebb
    in the bejewelled spider’s web’.

  3. So much beauty in what is…and the contrast with what has been taken away. But still, much room for gratitude. Wonderful imagery, as always. (K)

  4. This is beautiful, Ingrid. The hope spring brings every year, with her promise of renewal, is twinned, for me, with the grief I am experiencing, watching the savage cutting of trees all over my village. And even so, what housing there is is only for the affluent, no where to rent for the hourly wage earners who keep the village running. We are a strange species. Is that water or snowy ground in the photo…….if water, I worry about flooding. But maybe it is just snow.

    1. Yes, we are skewed in our minds somehow. I wonder if we’ve always been this way, or if greed corrupted us? Don’t worry – the photo shows a frosted field!

    1. It doesn’t seem like we’re taking the slightest bit of notice, as we scrabble to get rich before all the earth’s resources are used up and ruined. Sad!

    1. Neither can I, really. Perhaps we can mitigate the worst effects, but there doesn’t seem to be much political will in that direction.

  5. “For this new season, life renewed”
    Earth and nature patiently stew
    While soldiers nervously asleep
    Unaware tumult they’re beneath
    In apprehensive slumber wait
    Sargent’s abrasive bugle wail
    They’ll scrape the frost from window panes
    Marvel over the scenery change
    Thank you, Ingrid, for hosting, your prompt itself is a wonderful gift to us.
    Your illustration so very much reminded me of the old yellow wooden Army baracks where we lived, and slept, while attending basic training. That would be at Fort Hood, Texas.

  6. We hope against hope and keep doing our bit for how can we give up! I love this Ingrid… from watching stars to welcoming the new season. Let’s be grateful for what we have presently. ❤️

  7. Beautifully written, Ingrid…I even think the first four stanzas could stand alone making the point well. Thanks for the prompt 🙂

  8. I was so moved by this piece, Ingrid. Besides the gorgeous rhythm as I read it aloud, I like the balance you’ve created between what we have and what we need to do. We cannot stop appreciating earth’s beauty as she struggles to survive. She hasn’t lost hope and neither can we.

  9. Ingrid, I love the form of this poem and its beautiful images. What a compelling message! The photo of the fallen trees speaks volumes. I so love the photo of the snowdrops, a lovely sign of spring. The night time photo is gorgeous! <3

  10. Our poor world, but–
    I’ve also been hearing “choir practice for the coming spring,” and it makes my heart swell.
    No snowdrops, but we do have some crocuses blooming.

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