Archery In The UK update + Birthday giveaway!

As Archery In The UK makes its way to local bookshops and libraries, I am thrilled with the feedback and reviews we have received so far. Thank you so much to everyone who has read and reviewed the collection, including Selma Martin, who had this to say:

“The timing of this book, Archery In The UK, by Nick Reeves and Ingrid Wilson,
couldn’t have been better. This one hit the mark for me in more ways than one.

Firstly, this book is the perfect gift for your significant other– guaranteed!
Valentine’s or any memorable day of the year.

I was enamored with every word on every page and believe romantics worldwide
will feel the same.”

Thank you so much, Selma! You can read the full review on her blog.

Thank you also to Michele Lee Sefton, for this wonderful review:

“Pre-publication highlights of Archery in the UK acknowledged that this collection is “something quite different.” Having recently completed this captivating collection, I wholeheartedly agree. Contained within a cover that is artistic and sophisticated, are sixty-eight timeless poems that bring a land and a love to life. The poems do not promote a boastful love, nor do they leave the reader with a taste of something artificial. Rather, the reader will sense a genuine poetic connection that cannot be falsely created. The reader will become absorbed in the soft and seamless dance occurring between two poets with the turn of each page. Quite different indeed. It is a slow-sipped tea during a peaceful afternoon. It is a meander through a lush garden with aromatic flowers in bloom. It is worth your time. You will want to quickly turn each page, but you will stop yourself, because this is a collection that should be savored. I highly recommend this collection, a collaboration between two talented poets.

Birthday Giveaway!

Today, I celebrate my 41st birthday with an updated version of my debut poetry collection, 40 Poems At 40. I’ve simply tweaked the back cover design and changed the text formatting a little. As part of the celebrations, I am giving away signed copies of 40 Poems At 40 to the next 3 reviewers of Archery In The UK. All you need to do is buy the book from, leave a review, and send me an email with a link to your review. Include your postal address in the body of your email, and I will mail you a copy of 40 Poems, wherever you live in the world. The books will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry to avoid disappointment!


13 thoughts on “Archery In The UK update + Birthday giveaway!

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  1. What a most fantastic giveaway. On your birthday and the book’s first birthday. This is awesome.
    Well, I won’t be participating as I already have that lovely book. And have reviewed it as well. Yay!
    But I will help spread the word on the giveaway— I will!
    Happy Birthday, Ingrid! Eat cake 🎂. 🤩
    And thanks for the mention of my review in this post. Bless you.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ingrid! (It’s my older child’s birthday, too.) I hope you have a wonderful day–and enjoy all that cake you’ll be eating. 😂❤️🎂
    I will share the giveaway.

  3. I love both of these beautiful books! Once I started reading Archery In The UK it was hard to put it down. The mixture of poetic forms, and styles weaves the reader through beautifully flowing language, touching hearts, and minds, and leaving me teary-eyed, with feelings of joy, and inspiration. Amazing collaboration! Happy birthday, Ingrid! 🎉🎊🥳🎈

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