The most romantic meal is fish and chips…

The most romantic meal is fish and chips
in all the world, when shared with one you love:
tart tang of salt and vinegar on the lips
the tongue to tease, beyond reproach, above

the cove carved out by coloured coasts,
beneath the war memorial at high noon,
leftover scraps to hungry seagulls tossed:
to us, surfeit; to scavengers, a boon!

In a sunlit cafe, one day in Durham
washed down with tea, served up with bread and butter:
on lovers’ lips simple requests become
tongue twisting riddles, baffling to utter… 

The most romantic meal is fish and chips: 
their savour sweet, sealed by these fingertips. 

A Sonnet for Valentine’s Day

What better way to celebrate St Valentine’s Day than with a love sonnet? Something lighthearted yet delicious to savour with a loved one. This poem is not included in Archery In The UK, but it is certainly in keeping with the themes of the book: looking back on fond memories whilst making new ones. If you like sonnets, and you appreciate love poetry, you will adore this collection…

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Well written! Yes, Fish & Chips on the beach, so romantic! Better still the scampi and chips cooked on the beach at a certain place in Wales.

    Hubby & I never celebrate Valentines. We have two anniversaries (when we fell in love and when we married) – that’s enough! In fact, I was wondering just now why Google had two raindrops being lovey dovey. Now I know……. 🙂

  2. this is very interesting this topic, i suppose it is due to the fact it comes from a much simpler day, when they wrapped the fish and chips in yesterdays newspapers.

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