A Poem on The Moon!

Sometime last year, I answered the call for a poem for The Polaris Trilogy, an anthology of poems which will be sent to the Moon as part of the Polaris Mission’s Lunar Codex. The Trilogy unites the continents of Earth via the overarching themes of earth, air and sky. The European section (Part 1) called for poems about water, so I submitted a pantoum entitled ‘Flow,’ and promptly forgot about it. Months later, I was delighted to learn that my poem was to be included in the anthology and (eventually) sent to the Moon. Something to keep the astronauts entertained if they should tire of finding moon rocks, playing golf, or looking for cheese…

Flow (for Polaris)

From sky to earth to lake to river
down, and down and ever down
rippling rills down rocks deliver
ever, never, drink to drown

down and down and ever down
in rapids, stills and ceaseless seething
ever, never drink to drown
these currents to the ocean’s breathing

To continue reading, you can purchase a copy of the anthology from Amazon:

I will be watching the launch of this particular mission with special interest. I am in esteemed company in the anthology: congratulations also to Kerfe Roig, Jane Dougherty and Michelle Beauchamp!


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  1. I don’t know if you know this Ingrid, I just found out today. Our friend and fellow poet Glenn Butkus passed away last Friday the 17th. I will miss his bold ways. Rest in peace Glenn.πŸ•Š

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