Word Rich, Cash Poor

Word rich, cash poor: some kind of way to live,
don’t want that mental load weighing me down;
to feel I have a world of wealth to give,
yet possess little I might call my own.

A whisper in the heart blooms on the lips
and greets the air in unforced exhalation, 
inspires the hand to flex the fingertips
in Hallelujah Chorus exultation.

There is no freedom more than this: creation 
— all other occupations dull the sense —
do not be limited in expectation, 
words’ worth affords abundant recompense

For all the world’s gold, I’d not change these words:
Let fly! Join morning chorus with the birds.

Just riffing on Wordsworth and thinking about different kinds of wealth this Sunday morning…

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  1. I enjoyed the riffing, as well as the song. This stanza is my takeaway from it:

    “There is no freedom more than this: creation
    — all other occupations dull the sense —
    do not be limited in expectation,
    words’ worth affords abundant recompense.”

  2. This poem beautifully encapsulates the notion of wealth in words and the power of creation through language. It speaks to the idea that even without vast material wealth, one can feel incredibly rich through the ability to express and create.

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