Postcards from Slovenia #13 Postojna Cave

No trip to Slovenia would be complete without a visit to the remarkable Postojna Cave, or Postojnska Jama, which surely takes joint first place with Lake Bled as the country's main tourist attraction. Though closed during the coronavirus quarantine, it reopened in May and is enjoying a modest return to business by mask-clad visitors! History... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #10: Vintgar Gorge

Today I bring you another of Slovenia's natural wonders: the Vintgar Gorge. Located just 4km from the town of Bled, it is a deservedly popular tourist destination. The dazzlingly clear turquoise waters of this natural masterpiece make Vintgar Gorge well worth the visit, if you don't mind some easy hiking (2-3 hours in total). Introduction... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #7: Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka is one of Slovenia's best preserved medieval towns, located at the foothills of the Alps some 23km from the Capital, Ljubljana. Its centre is a time-capsule of a bygone age. It has a delightfully picturesque setting and boasts not one, but three castles (albeit two of them ruined) built on a plateau above... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #6: The Coast

Though the tourist hordes are drawn to the delights of the nearby Croatian coast with its many islands and crystal clear waters, Slovenia's coast, though only 43km long, is definitely worth a visit. This post provides a quick tour of its highlights, which can easily be seen in 1-2 days, depending upon how much time... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #5: Bohinj

If Bled is the Crown Jewel of Northern Slovenia, then Bohinj is its hidden gem. Situated just 30km from its neighbour, this lake is longer (4.2km) and more secluded. With less tourist facilities (though there are plenty of these in the nearby towns should you require them), Bohinj is a true natural paradise, lying beneath... Continue Reading →

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