Postcards from Slovenia #36: The Sava Bohinjka River

The Sava Bohinjka river in Northern Slovenia flows from springs fed by the Triglav Lakes Valley down the Komarca Cliff as the majestic Slap Savica then on into Lake Bohinj. From here it emerges in the village of Ribcev Laz and continues to flow through the valley connecting Bohinj with Bled, skirting the latter lake to spill into the Sava river close to the town of Radovljica.

I have become enchanted by the crystal clear waters of the Sava Bohinjka since moving to this area, and last weekend I wrote an extended sonnet inspired by the river. Today I bring you a photo tour along the length of the river, showing some of its highlights, through changing landscapes and seasons:

Črno Jezero, or Black Lake – one of the sources of the Sava Bohinjka
Slap Savica or the Savica Waterfall, which feeds the Sava Bohinjka
River, Autumn trees
Autumn Colours close to Ukanc
River, clear, river bed
Crystal clear waters of the Sava Bohinjka near Ukanc
River under bridge
The river leaves Lake Bohinj at the village of Ribcev Laz
River, mountains, reflections
Cycleway along the river close to Bohinjska Bistrica
River, bridge, rocks
Road bridge over the river near Bohinjska Bela
Reflections in the river close to Bodesce
River, confluence
Confluence of Sava Bohinjka (l) into the Sava (r) near Radovljica

I hope you enjoyed this post. Visit me on Instagram for more images of the Sava Bohinjka, and stay tuned for more Postcards from Slovenia!

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  1. The views here are enough to make me ache! The water is so beautiful and clear and the land so clean. No matter where we live, things made of pure loveliness greet our eyes.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I am really appreciating the beauty of nature at this time. I would love to see these natural sights of Florida one day! ❤️

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