Postcards from Slovenia #19: Lipica

If you like horses, you'll love Lipica. As well as being a beautiful place to visit for all the family, it is also home to some of the most famous horses in the world. Today we visit the Lipzzaner stud farm. History of the Lipizzan Horse The Lipizzaner breed was founded in 1580, when the... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #16 Hrastovlje Church

The town of Hrastovlje is nestled within the karst landscape of southern Slovenia, amidst hillsides clothed with lush mediterranean vegetation. And on the outskirts of the town stands a fortified church dating from the 13th Century A.D. Though from the outside it appears rugged and weather-worn, the interior is a treasure-house of early Renaissance ecclesiastical... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #13 Postojna Cave

No trip to Slovenia would be complete without a visit to the remarkable Postojna Cave, or Postojnska Jama, which surely takes joint first place with Lake Bled as the country's main tourist attraction. Though closed during the coronavirus quarantine, it reopened in May and is enjoying a modest return to business by mask-clad visitors! History... Continue Reading →

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