Postcards from Slovenia #37: Winter Wonderland

I was surprised by how quickly winter descended upon our area as we entered the fourth week of lockdown. I’ve found it quite enchanting as I haven’t seen a hard frost like this for years. Even in the UK before we left for Spain, ‘cold and frosty mornings’ were a rarity. Here, the temperature doesn’t rise much above zero during the daytime, so it’s been cold and frosty all day long. With all the bright sun we’ve been having, this has been a sheer delight:

river, mountain,
The Sava Bohinjka at Sunset
mountains, fr
The Karavanke Mountains form a backdrop to the frosted fields
River, tree
Winter reflections in the Sava Bohinjka
Frosted leaves in the woodland
The frozen forest
Frost on the banks of the Sava Bohinjka

At the beginning of this week, the skies darkened and the temperatures fell, which could only mean one thing:

first snow, Bled
The first snow of Winter, 02/12/20

Perhaps you can see from these images how I was inspired to write about the Mythical Kingdom of Lockdownia. There may be more instalments in the following days and weeks…

Check out my Instagram for more images of Slovenia in wintertime, and stay tuned for more Postcards from Slovenia!

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