Incensed #poetry #Earthweal

by all the cruelties and confusion of
the current year:
The deaths and deprivation;
sadness, isolation, fear
I cultivate
an inner light to spark
a flame in mind;
burn incense
at the high altar of
human kindness;
words with a world
in isolation, connected
as we have never been before
this Advent-tide
happily, I live
recapturing that spirit
of thanksgiving, warmth and light
recalled from childhood:
heady, incense-scented
burning boldly

Posting for Earthweal’s Weekly Challenge: Advent for Earth, where Brendan has asked:

For this week’s challenge, go into whatever mood the Advent season inspires in you and write a poem of it.‘ 

I doubt I’m the only person feeling a little incensed this Christmas, but I’ve also found a lot to be grateful for.

Photo by Victoria from Pexels

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      1. You’re so welcome Ingrid! All is good here. Hope you got my Mon post as I tried to schedule it and then it was gone and then It went back on… oye vey… lmk. I have a feeling it went twice.. thanks

  1. I, too, “burn incense at the high altar of human kindness.” I love this poem. I abandoned consumerism this Christmas too. I gave away a lot of my treasures instead. Very satisfying.

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