Goodbye, Old Year…#poetry

Bring out the dead, ring in the New
Year, all that’s past and gone:
The hopes and dreams, past life with you
surrendered to the sun.

Shine on this, my new life and day
each moment made anew
in which I dance so fond and free:
Release my love for you.

At times I’ll sing it on the wind
for other souls to hear
but your half-love I’ll leave behind
(the ashes of last year).

I wish you love, and peace and joy
and all those heartfelt things
I never was, will be your toy
nor subject to your whims.

You, heartless year, have taught me much
not least, when to let go
of all that brings me pain, and all
such strife as you are wont to know.

Farewell to you, my strangest year;
you’ve taught me many things:
Let go in love, abandon fear 
and soar, with wordless wings.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

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