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How I wish for this dark night of the human soul
to be over, and for all of the
fossil fuels to stay under
the ground so that we
may not become part of the fossil record 
just yet:
I wish to reserve this privilege for
a later date…

Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

I’ve had enough…

Of all the lies perpetuated by the fossil fuel industry, who pump big money into the political system so they can keep pumping out oil and extracting coal and gas while the world burns. The whole of Texas goes dark and politicians blame renewable energy. I’m sick of the race to the bottom. Our house is on fire and we’re literally pouring petrol on it. Sharing with Earthweal.

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  1. It is very uncomfortable for Brits over a certain age, though (you’re probably excluded) because the Miners Strike here polarised opinion. But there’s little doubt now that leaving the coal in the ground was the right decision, although for the environment (although made for all the wrong reasons).

    1. I agree: it’s not like they stopped extracting coal anyway, they just wanted to get it cheaper somewhere else. We didn’t know half as much then as we do now about the environmental impact, and I doubt Thatcher would have cared even of she had. But when I hear of plans to open a new coal mine in my native Cumbria, there’s just no way this should even be considered now!

      1. No, the environment was never cited as an issue back then. And there is still a lot of deception going on – Germany has dramatically increased its open-cast mining in the last few years, despite also increasing use of renewables. Even just discovering emission levels is a major task (and a matter of opinion).

      2. I think too much of the damage is being covered up or our attention diverted away from it. But it would be a really bad idea to keep looking the other way until it is too late to do anything about it!

      3. we can slow it but I think we’re on the slope. I resolved the question by asking “is it time to do something?” Politicians say no. So I ask “when will it *ever* be time?” and I concluded that we would not recognise it. That led me to thinking that we had probably passed the event horizon already.

    1. One of my university lecturers said it would be known as β€˜the chewing-gum age,’ but compared to all the other junk we’ve created, chewing-gum seems like a minor thing now.

  2. I suppose it will be a privilege. Burning coal is using those long extinct. We become something useable, i guess, though I wonder who besides us would think of excavating and capturing the earth?

  3. Ingrid, It is so very ironic that Texas, home to oil wells and refineries, has millions of people out of power. And they certainly did get called on blaming renewable energy for their woes! They did not update their power grid sufficiently. Interesting that they developed their own system to avoid paying Federal taxes. Now they have some people with electric bills they can’t pay. Those comsumers chose a money-saving option that makes their bills go up based on the price the utility pays for energy! They now have electric bills in the thousands of dollars! What a mess!

    I enjoyed reading your poem. Wonder if common sense will ever kick in…Take care <3

    1. This is interesting to learn: I don’t know any in-depth information living on the other side of the Atlantic, but blaming renewables is the last thing anyone should be doing! ❀️

  4. Yes, I agree with every word. All the money in the world wont save those who put it first when the shit hits the fan.

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