Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #19

It’s summertime Down Under, and Don is having some trouble with fans trying to crash the FCS compound. Luckily, his mate Skip (pictured) provides security at FCS so that Don can focus on what he does best: writing poetry. Ain’t no one getting past this marsupial…

The Journey

I’ve just been on a journey
To farewell a dear friend
Who took a final journey
At his life’s journey’s end

I have a pre-booked ticket
Of that there’s no debate
The only thing I’m waiting on
Is when I’m told the date

The office Supervisor
In charge of ticket sales
Decides my date of boarding
Decides when I set sail

What mode of journey transport
He’ll use I do not know
No-one’s returned to tell me
How does this journey go?

What destination did my
Friend arrive at, make?
I guess I won’t find out until
This journey, same, I take

Don Matthews January 2020

Circled by High Fences

The park it was once theme-like
Decayed now to the ground
A ghostly symbol from the past
Now silent with no sound

The park, once full of laughter
With people having fun
All now past, forgotten
No more a park, no sun

A sound can still sometimes be heard
Breaking through the silence
Metal creaking in the breeze
Now circled by high fences

So why were you abandoned
Fun, laughter sucked away
Did people numbers dwindle?
You could not pay your way?

So why are you still showing
Echoes from your past?
The creaking of your metal
Your flags you fly half-mast?

You say no-one will buy you?
Dismantling costs too great
So in the meantime you decay?
Yes, this seems my fate…

Don Matthews July 2019

Dr Don At Your Service

(Researchers at Donyagoz Adana Hospital, Turkey have found excess use of Viagra can produce a multitude of unwanted side effects. Feb 2020)

Dr Don’s on your screen here to warn you
If you’re using Viagra to excess
OK, it will stand you to attention
But other things might end in mess

This simple little thing called sildenafil
Could turn you red/green colourblind
And your vision could end up bright blue-like
These researchers in Turkey did find

Your pupils could dilate to their edge-rims
And what you see could become blurred
This information I’ve given you is factual
From Turkey’s researchers I’ve heard

Dr Don at your service sir.
How can I help?
You’re seeing pink and nothing’s happening below?

(Should you know of anyone suffering butter yellow vision refer them to Dr Don’s Clinic immediately. There could be a problem)

Don Matthews February 2020

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