In such good company #poetry #dVerse

I’m not afraid to die
for when I go, I know
I’ll be in such good company up there.
Up where?
For the Kingdom of Heaven is within
also without 
the three women I admire most
have already joined that holy host
within me and without me
I am made of light
no body can contain me
you dwell in that light with me
and so I know
that when I go
I’ll be in such good company
up there 
outside of anywhere 
where the whole universe resides
that place in you
that lives in me
I’ll go there where
I’m not afraid to die.

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A circular poem for dVerse

Tonight Peter is hosting Meeting the Bar, and has asked us to write a circular poem, which ends up back at the beginning while taking on us a journey in the lines between. It could be a formal poem such as a pantoum or villanelle, both of which I’ve written in the past. But for this prompt I wanted to take you on a journey to the edge of existence. I suppose I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently as yesterday would have been my mother’s birthday.

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  1. Ingrid, I could read your poem everyday and never grow tired of your light-infused lines that speak bravely of a final destination, where all are headed, but from its contemplation, most want to hide. 💖

    1. Thank you Michele, I really appreciate your kind words. Of course death can be a traumatic and difficult transition, but I think in the end we have no reason to fear.

      1. You are welcome. Your words empower and share light. You wrote the type of poem that people can return to again and again and gain renewed courage each time. I am printing it and will do that, especially before my next flight. 😂

      2. Losing my dad made me less afraid of flying, for the reasons you beautifully expressed in your poem. Less, but not completely unafraid. Your poem will help. I will slip it in a book the next time I fly. 😁 Thank you.

    1. In fact i can not find the words to express the feelngs inside me now towards those great wrds.

      The most words toched my heart ” i am made of light no body can contain me”

      If you allow me to explaint some points the poet ( You) wanted to tell.

      When people see us doing God’s commandments, they will say that we are the light of the world which spread everywhere and ca not be contained.

      Second, the poet wants to tell that we should not be afraid to die, because we shall go to the best place Kingdom Of Heaven with him where the angels and saints.

      Third, God himself is the source of light and he provides us the light. Also as he said, I am the Alpha & Omega. I am the Beginning and the End. This means he can not be contained and he is everywhere and every time with us.

      Hope i did well comment.

      Awaiting for your valuable feedback.

      Thanks for the besr words i have ever read.

      1. You are the most welcome, I liked your thoughts and creativity. Let me congratulate you on your great way of narrating the poems.

        A great poet in our age such you is deserving to be followed and to read her poets carefully.

        I also studied English Poetry in the faculty of arts English Department from which i graduated in 2006. Also studied Novel, short story, Drama and Essay

  2. I sympathise, Ingrid; I know what it’s like on the day that should have been your mother’s birthday. I’ve found myself thinking about the edge of existence on those days too. There is so much love and joy in the lines:
    ‘I am made of light
    no body can contain me
    you dwell in that light with me
    and so I know
    that when I go
    I’ll be in such good company’.

    1. Thank you Kim. I remember you posting a poem in your mum’s memory. It was very moving. I feel much better today even a day later.

  3. Lovely piece Ingrid – and what an exhilarating journey between line 1 and the last – theological, personal, provocative and meditative (and even a Don McLean reference?) – a perfect circle.

    1. I’m pleased you got the Don McLean reference: I almost linked to the song, but I thought anyone who knew the song would spot it!

  4. This is deeply, deeply moving, Ingrid! The truth revolving around life and death continues to make us ponder, to contemplate and to appreciate what we have- till we have and look toward the path that leads ahead.. I agree, there is really nothing to be afraid of .. not as long as we habor love in our hearts and compassion in our souls. 💝💝

  5. Haunting, breathtaking, and evocative. Your words have stirred me and I am left in the aftermath of reconciling my emotions from this beautiful piece. WOW. <3 <3 <3

  6. Oh, this just floats me away, Ingrid, on updrafts of positivism. And the photo is marvelous, too; reminds me viscerally of the (sadly) only balloon ride I’ve ever had. And a wonderful memorial. Salute!

  7. I LOVE the journey of this poem with no definitive ‘END” but the truth of existential relationships and truths with wisdom of questions circling back to the begining. I’m not sure I’m commincating in a way that makes sense but it does to me.. LOl.
    hope you are finding solace in the love around you Ingrid! 💖

  8. a loving tribute Ingrid … I worked in hospice care and there is always someone there to guide people, not seen anyone go alone. So your circular poem makes a lot of sense to me … those gone before accompany you …

      1. obviously I’ve never seen anyone there, but I know they see someone, they visibly relax and then go so peacefully 🙂

  9. Beautiful and brave Ingrid. When you are not afraid to die you are atbpeace with yourself and the universe. I’m still working towards shedding that fear. 🥰
    PS Congratulations on being Author of the Month on Spillwords! How wonderful for you! ☺️💕👍

  10. This is beautiful Ingrid! I love this take on Peter’s wonderful prompt. From the perspective that we are all made of energy, and light being energy, I agree with you. Thermal, radiant, electrical, and sound are also parts of a human beings composite vibrational energy. Given energy cannot be destroyed, only shared and/or changed to a different form — when our bodies die all that energy is released back into the cosmos. In that, one can posit that we, as energy, never die — we simply release our integrated energy. The philosophical concept of “self” and “others” is the construct of our high functioning personal computer — our brain. It “appears” our ability to arrive at analytical “meaning”, beyond the ability to be functionally reactionary as necessary for survival in the moment, is unique, on this planet, to our human species. This ability to philosophically conceptualize is what gives birth to our higher abilities — such as to abstract, create, to envision, to analyze, to extrapolate, and to “believe”. It is in this realm that we find our concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, god, the soul, and the like. Sorry Ingrid, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole. What this all means is that I love your poem, because it provides food for thought. BYEEE… 🙂

  11. Just loved reading this Ingrid. You sweep us up with you in longing, expectation, and courage into the light of heaven that is and that awaits.

  12. Indeed
    No need
    To be afraid
    Whether we end up
    Endless light
    Or simply toast
    When we take that last train
    And down we’re laid
    The stars are still the stars
    And the coast is still the coast.

    I tend towards the light
    Why not? I feel it
    But to simply grieve
    That love lost
    Or dance right now
    Is certainly neither shade
    Or slight.

    (Love your poem, love your words)

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