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I was almost too upset to write yesterday. I’d just watched the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, and I was horrified by the fact we are all being told to look the other way while the fishing industry plunders our seas with impunity. Mass fishing robs traditional fishermen of their livelihoods, creates more plastic pollution than any other single source (according to the documentary), and also profits from slavery. Our marine life is being killed off at an alarming rate (there’s even a suggestion that the sea could be dead by 2048 if we continue at the same rate.) If the sea is dead, then so are we: there are no two ways about it.

Thinking about only buying sustainable fish? Think again. Organisations like the MSC are being paid by the fishing industry to certify their products ‘sustainable’ when really there is no such thing. Same with ‘dolphin friendly.’ Dolphins and Whales are being killed in huge numbers by mass fishing, not to mention the shark fin industry. We are killing off all of the ocean’s big predators and this is trickling down the food chain. I see evidence of this every day in the large numbers of jellyfish washed up on the beach.

There are two bright spots on the horizon: 1) marine environments recover quickly if left alone. This means don’t contribute to the problem: unless you know the fisherman and where he got his fish from, don’t buy it. I’m not telling you what to do. This is simply the logical action to take if you care. 2) the documentary is very popular on Netflix, and is receiving a lot of attention on social media. The generation who will suffer most from the destruction of our oceans are rightly up in arms about this. Under increased scrutiny and social pressure, NGOs and Governments will have to take action.

We are sleepwalking
along plastic-strewn beaches
towards extinction.

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  1. Yeah I’ve heard about this way of fishing. Terrible.I really think people will not care until the oceans are empty, but then it’s too late. We had a big fishing industry here in Hull but it died off in the 80s.

    1. It’s so sad because people have been fishing sustainably for centuries then in come the trawlers and hoover up everything in their greed and shortsightedness…and they get away with it because they are paying off the people who should be monitoring them!

  2. This is powerful and alarming. It is outrageous what has happened over the last fifty years especially. The greed monster will never be satisfied and once everything is gone, then what? Thanks for this, Ingrid. Your haiku is especially impactful. Sigh.

  3. Our Capitalocene brains are wired to consume and ignore, fat and happy with the convenience which ruins the world. We have re-wire to a different reality! – Brendan

  4. We do need to be mindful of our individual actions while we work for change. It’s so hard when everything, everything, is tangled up with profit and greed. It seems like everything we consume is tainted. Powerful words, Ingrid. (K)

  5. Thank you for sharing this documentary. Just reading your post is upsetting enough, but I will watch it. The fishing situation that this documentary exposes, that you took the time to describe, is yet another reason why I am vegan. I know that choice is not for everyone and I am with you – I don’t want to tell people how to live, but it breaks my heart to read about what is happening to traditional fishermen and to life in our oceans. A great concern for future generations.

  6. I tried to write a haiku yesterday but failed to check its rule. I can’t understand the combination of 5-7-5 (17) syllables. Can you help me to understand it through an example?

  7. This was truly eye opening and appauling to realize it’s the fishing nets that are creating the havock and the blood bath killing of the sharks, whales and dolphins was just a masacre. Not to mention the slaves being thrown over board and killed. And the farm raise salmon.. discraceful!!!!! sooooo sad!!!! Thanks for sharing it Ingrid and I loved your Halibun! 💖

    1. So many disturbing images, and to imagine this happening every day out in the ocean where we can’t see it is horrendous ☹️

    1. You’re welcome. We saw a dolphin yesterday. It is criminal to mis-sell products as dolphin safe because who would want to hurt these gentle creatures?

      1. I think we need to start demanding more honesty. I have certainly been guilty of not asking questions about where the things I buy come from.

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