Sonnet Sunday: The Easter Edition!

You may recall that this Valentine’s Day, I hosted a Sonnet Sunday here on Experiments in Fiction. This was a celebration of love in sonnet form. I asked you to write a traditional, Shakespearian sonnet on the theme of love and share it with me. This was such a fun event that I have decided to host another this Easter Sunday.

How to take part in Easter Sonnet Sunday

  • Write a traditional sonnet on the theme of Easter. You can interpret this however you wish, and it certainly doesn’t need to be religious (for example, consider themes of rebirth, renewal or simply the joys of spring!)
  • For the chance to have your sonnet featured on this site, email it to me at with the subject line ‘Easter Sonnet Sunday.’ I will publish my favourite responses on this site on Sunday, 4th April.
  • If you prefer, you can simply post your sonnet on your own site and link up in the comments section of my first post on Sunday. I encourage all participants to read and comment on one another’s sonnets.
  • A quick reminder, the sonnet structure is 14 lines iambic pentameter, rhymed ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. There should be a volta or turn in the final two lines, at which point the poem moves from the general to the specific, or turns to face itself. If you’re not sure how to do this, learn from the master by studying Shakespeare’s sonnets.

I hope you will join me for this Easter-themed celebration of poetry. If you don’t want to take part, of course you are still welcome to read and comment. It should be a fun day, and I am very much looking forward to heading out with my best Easter Sonnet. Here’s some musical inspiration you get you started:

Best Easter wishes!


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  1. I saw your prompt and was pondering any spring themes that have caught my attention recently. And then I realized “Duh! I live in the southern hemisphere. It’s autumn here. I am photographing leaves turning red and gold. I am looking forward to hot soups and snuggles with our cat (when we move back home). If you look at it pre-religion, all our holidays are topsy turvy and yet we persist with the old traditions at the opposite ends of the seasonal cycle – snow flakes on windows at Christmas (summer), eggs in autumn and pumpkins in spring. I am frustrated by how white people in Australia have never acknowledged that we’re not in the northern hemisphere anymore. 200+ years of denial. It really brings home how commercialised the holidays are (especially Christmas) with all the Santa paraphernalia and snow domes. Sorry for the rant. Of course, I can imagine up a spring poem. I am not at all trying to whinge about your prompt. It’s a lovely one. I don’t know if I will manage to partake (given my bad attitude) but I look forward to reading some, at the very least.

  2. Hello Ingrid another great idea. I have composed what I hope will pass as a sonnet as follows:

    At Easter Time

    At Easter time I first did meet my love
    She came to me one night when it was spring
    Descended, so it seemed, from high above
    She sang a song that she alone could sing

    At first my mind was riven, filled with fear
    My feelings clouded by a troubled mind
    But then her love it shone so bright and clear
    I knew that it was love, oh yes, and kind

    So I surrendered to her phantom charm
    Embraced her love so simple, so sincere
    I knew this love would never cause me harm
    The light that shone from her was bright and clear

    At Easter time I felt the fire of life
    That ended with my taking of a wife

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