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I remember cherry blossom blooming in London at around this time of year. How it enchanted the gardens of suburbia, transforming them from dull semi-detached ’30s monotone to cotton-candy-coloured bowers of bliss. How the petals fell in the wind, twirling that dance they do, declaring ‘Spring is here! Yes, even in the City, spring is here, and we’re all part of nature.’ The morning commute transmuted into something almost heavenly. Delight at seeing a sharp-suited City banker’s lapels assaulted by a falling petal. These things, small details, make up memories of springtimes past.

Here there is the ‘fruit road:’ the sadna cesta, and I haven’t been along it yet in spring but thank you for reminding me, I really ought to go. Cherries from Vipava are the sweetest, so here the roads must be alive in bloom. And not a banker in sight to spoil the view.

Wedding planners say you have a one-week window in March for cherry blossoms. It would have been too soon for us, no time to micromanage every detail. But those flowers would have put on quite a show.

Cherry blossom blooms
in London’s stressed-out suburbs
bothering bankers.

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Written for dVerse

Frank is hosting Haibun Monday, and he has asked us to write a haibun featuring the traditional kigo (seasonal reference) of ‘cherry blossom.’ I took a trip down memory lane for this prompt.

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  1. I like how you share your experiences of the blossoms between the locations. Very different sounding. I can see where bankers and cherry blossoms would be at the opposite end of a continuum.

      1. Yes for sure they have them invested in something socially responsible like the fossil fuel industry…

  2. Blossoms in London always made me smile, Ingrid, and I remember city gents with petals on their shoulders and in their trouser turn-ups (shows how long ago that was!) but now I have my own trees that blossom – I’m so lucky! Where I lived in Germany, we had a little orchard and there was a fruiting cherry right outside my window. We used to preserve the cherries for cakes and tarts later in the year, but I loved eating them straight off the tree. I love the alliterative ‘bothering bankers’ in your haiku, which reminds me of Cockney rhyming slang – what a load of merchant bankers!

    1. Haha, yes, that’s right! I can’t remember seeing cherry blossoms in Spain, but there were some beautiful purple-flowering trees in Barcelona at around this time of year…

  3. For this – ‘Delight at seeing a sharp-suited City banker’s lapels assaulted by a falling petal’ and, of course, for ‘bowers of bliss’! …x

  4. The contrast of the tense bankers and these delicate temporal blossoms, creates a really striking image. The petal on the lapel really sticks in my mind. Enjoyed, Ingrid.

  5. A delightful scene of dancing cherry blossoms that I can easily imagine thanks to your descriptions. I love the humorous observation too. 🍒

  6. Ah the poor lapels! But maybe they’re happy about it… :)) Perfect timing indeed Ingrid, the cherry blossoms have just started going wild here too. So not in Slovenia then I gather? 🌸 xoxox

      1. Ah ok cool. I miss France so much right now! There was so much blooming at this time, visible from our house, where we were. But still its nice to see the streets lined with the budding cherry trees, when we do go into town here. :)) Good luck and hope you are allowed out! xoxo

      2. I can imagine! I know all about leaving places behind and missing them. But there is beauty all around us when we look for it 🌺

      3. That’s for sure! Well said. And we can always, always bloom where we are planted. 🌷🤗

  7. a really enjoyable haibun with those memories of bankers being assaulted 🙂

    imagine where the only war or violence was being showered with flower petals … I pray for the day!

      1. literally, can we load their weapons with petals … think this could be a real movement for peace and love 🙂

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