Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #24

We all know that Don’s pampered puss Priscilla loves the camera, as is evident from today’s photoshoot (see Featured Image.) However, in searching through Stan’s photography archives, Don has discovered another feline model, Boofy, who may be about to steal the limelight. More on this below…Meet Priscilla, Stan and a whole host of other comic characters over at Don’s Website, The Flippant, Comic, and Serious.

Side-glancing in an Argentinian Cafe

I like just watching people
Interact, talking, smile
Creates a pleasant feeling
Inside me for a while

The Argentinian cafe man
Animates with sparkling eyes
Catches me side-glancing
Smiles back (to my surprise)

Argentinian music
Bounces round the room
(Gosh this cappuccino’s nice)
Watching smiles grow, bloom

I think we’re far too serious
We won’t relax our guard
Too scared of being embarrassed
Relaxing’s just too hard

Or has political correctness taken over?……
Or fear of what others might think?…..

Don Matthews August 2019


Don’s crowded mind…

I tend to be a crowder
Crowding peoples ears
My mind’s too overactive
Oh dear oh dear oh dear

Mind, don’t be a crowder
Don’t wear your welcome out
Slow down your thoughts, restrict, withhold
Still need my friends about

OK, create, but know your place
Can’t always centre stage
There’s other players in this game
Who also need a wage

Don’s neurons

But we, your faithful neurons
Prolifically, we think!
Which I in true-like fashion
Prolifically then ink!

Just try and slow your horses
Rein them in a tat
And let me organize myself
And figure where I’m at

OK Don….

Don Matthews August 2019

My Cat Boofy

I have a cat called Boofy
He’s smart, smarter than me
Was his idea this photograph
Which you can now all see…..

Boofy loves the camera…

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