Why? a reverse #quadrille

Well, I do mean to smile about water;
the solution was never ‘You oughta
take more than one glass!’
say not
if you really did not want
to know?
Rewind the tape, please
fast-forward to where
you lose
flat on your ass!

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I must be a glutton for punishment…

Tonight, Lisa is hosting dVerse Poetics, and has asked us to reverse a poem. She has provided a link to an excellent video explaining how to do this. I did not want to ruin anyone else’s poem, so I decided to try and reverse my quadrille from yesterday, and arrived at what I think is a logical conclusion!

I think Johnny Cash says it so much more eloquently than me though…

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  1. “Cool h20…if you just promise you’ve come unwound.”

    Love this, dear.

    The reversal of water to spirits from spirits to water…top notch.
    I gave up all sodas and caffeine (excepting two cups of coffee upon waking) a few years back and I will never go back. When I need a pick me up and crave sugar or caffeine, I tell myself, “drink one quart of water and then you can do whatever you want.” And, you know what I find? The cravings disappear. Hydrogen and 2 oxygens? Magic.

    1. Thank you so much Casey! I don’t know how this comment ended up in my spam – but I do apologise for the delay in replying! I am going to try your water method…

  2. I love the poignancy with which you have flipped the meaning of your quadrille, Ingrid! A fresh perspective on the prompt 💝💝

  3. A flipped quadrille! Your poem in reverse made me smile, Ingrid. 😊 I wonder what the outcome would have been if He had changed wine to water.

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