Spring into Summer #SonnetSunday

This Spring into Summer has me hanging
as if to say, ‘Wait – we’re not quite there yet!’
Long days of rain, holed up in my room singing
I have endured, shunning the cold and wet

and on days when the bright sea looks inviting
I’ve shivered by the shore bewildered
by those brave souls who think nothing of diving
into the un-warmed waters of the Med.

But now the air is warming up, I’m ready;
the water glints with tantalising grace;
on shore I can barely hold myself steady:
I long to plunge into the sea’s embrace

and never in my life have I so wanted
to Spring into a Summer so enchanted.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Dive into Sonnet Sunday!

Welcome aboard, sonnet lovers! I’ve had a fantastic response to my call for sonnets this time around, so I’ll be posting every 3 hours until 8pm CET. If you have a sonnet you would like to share on the theme of ‘Spring into Summer/Fall into Winter’ simply drop a link in the comments section below. I encourage visitors to read all of the offerings on this seasonal Sonnet Sunday!

21 thoughts on “Spring into Summer #SonnetSunday

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  1. Lovely, Ingrid! I hope you’re able to enjoy the beach and water soon.
    We had some summer hot humid days, above average temps–but now it’s like winter with below average temps, and it’s raining!

  2. I love the progression from the sea being completely uninviting for you, to finally being exactly where you want to be. 🙂 It’s an amazing transition – mentally I mean – and you capture it beautifully.

  3. I really enjoyed the arch of this piece, and especially love the picture you’ve painted of the “brave souls” diving, and in your apprehension, how it’s transitions to the final line, with the inclusion of the “a” in “Spring into a Summer”, I could really imagine you leaping into it. 💕

      1. Hope you’ll be diving with the brave souls, eh!

        ..and I’m pretty sure you know I meant arc* not arch 😂.. ☺️ context.. it helps!

      1. I’m managing …. i just need a dog other than a mule to pull me up the hill. 😩Hunter hates the heat❣️good your comfy❣️

      2. It was already pretty hot in Spain at this time of year. I’m enjoying being able to walk without getting roasted!

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