Fall into Winter (Canberra-Australia) #SonnetSunday

I don’t fall into winter, not like the dead leaves,
but charge in, daubed cheeks and white breath;
eager mornings tugging aside curtains’ sheaves
to see the silvering frost-blanket the night has left.

I don’t fall into winter, wishing for some brakes
holding arms in front of me, trying to stop time.
I gallop in gladly, relishing air’s chilly embrace
finding energy in the distancing of sun’s blue climb.

I don’t fall into winter but into blankets’ soft hug,
the warm closeness of my children reading at night;
and the cadence of cat’s breathing curled in the snug
ring of his tail – supple and unconscionable feline delight.

Imagine a crisp, blue sapphire – the cold mineral gleam
and yet shot with brilliant fire like a winter sun beam.

Time for a visit to the Southern Hemisphere

Courtesy of Out of the Cave Blog. Lest we in the Northern Hemisphere forget that on the other side of the world, Winter is approaching.

Thank you for this Sonnet Sunday offering. I love the positivity of embracing the return to Winter’s cold. I wonder if I will ever be able to do this…

Stay tuned for more Spring into Summer/Fall into Winter sonnets. Our bards will be featured throughout the day!

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  1. Thank you! I think we’re spoiled in Canberra. The cold is crisp and dry and our days are, more often than not, sunnily spectacular. Thanks so much for featuring this, Ingrid!

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