Winter’s Breath by Darius #SonnetSunday

As autumn crumbles into brittle parts,
And lifted on a whisper of winter’s breath,
Another season of the year departs,
The cloud’s brief tears bear mourning of its death,ย 

Cold snatches the pearls of heavenly birth,
To sprinkle twee crystal parcels in lieu,
Bewitching giggling streams in sheets of mirth,
Primed for pebbles to free the babbling blue,

Sleeping giants will stretch their creaking joints,
Steel bones snaking through the mountain resorts,
Planks beneath feet lead where pink noses point,
Warming the wilds with storm served snow sports,

Adventure with an ephemeral glow,
Seizing the season as prints in the snow.

Another sonnet from Australia!

Thank you to Darius of for this sonnet from Down Under. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around images of sparkling snow as we head into Summer here in Slovenia. It’s one of the wonders of blogging that we are constantly being offered new perspectives on life from all around the world. I hope that this winter is dazzling for all my friends and fellow poets in the Southern Hemisphere!

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  1. This sonnet has some Tolkien in it. ๐Ÿ™‚. That is definitely intended as a compliment. The landscape comes alive and the season is a force, a mood, an entity. Beautifully written.

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