Spring to Summer by Valdis Stakle #Sonnet Sunday

As summer leaves behind the spring
The days grow ever longer
The leaves are green the birds do sing
The sun shines ever stronger

I walk along the sandy shore
And gaze out to the distant sea
I feel the warmth and long for more
The summer sun has set me free

I then ascend a distant hill
And contemplate a tranquil sky
The night approaches – feel the chill
The day departs without a sigh

And so the summer season starts
It grows and prospers – warms our hearts

Special thanks to a veteran Sonneteer!

Valdis has contributed to every Sonnet Sunday I have held so far. I am very grateful for this, and for today’s contribution of a delightful poem to welcome in the Summer.

We will be heading back Down Under for the next offering, in three hours’ time…

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