Predawn #poetry #earthweal

The whole sky aches with anticipation; 
birds burst into song.
The sky is clear and I can hear
the coming of the dawn.

The salt sea sleeps in its silent splendour 
at peace with the scene
luminescence streaks the sky
and I am born again.

Oh, for a baptism half as bright! 
Bathed in celestial light
after winter thought to pull me under:
bless this world of wonder!

The green trees breathe with the scent of summer 
sheltering the fledgling fold;
wings to the sky can wait till sun towers over
all the living brightness of the world.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Sharing with earthweal

I’m often woken by birdsong at this time of year, and the only thing better is to be woken by birdsong and a poem. Here’s one I woke up with earlier in the week. Sharing with earthweal’s open link weekend.

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  1. The immersion into this dawn is a baptism of waking light — so sweet, so essential. Our horror at the decline must somehow find counterbalance in these rebirths! Thanks Ingrid – B

  2. I feel the same way – when spring and summer arrive like a miracle. Every year it feels like the first time. I especially love “bless this world of wonder.”

  3. Ingrid, you have described the coming of dawn so beautifully. A most heavenly time of day when all is possible. ✨ And this line ~ “Oh, for a baptism half as bright!” Sublime!

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