Bird Sonnet by Calm Kate

I’m not one for scary goblins or ghosts
indeed I much prefer birds and flowers
until I met a raven who dare boasts
about his huge beak vomiting showers

of slimy creepy crawlies for some hours
as flocks of big beaked birds came hurtling down
felt freaky, like they had scary powers
fear arose that creepy crawlies would drown

Hitchcock touched a raw nerve changing this noun
turning nature into fearsome critters
was totally unnerving, made me frown
invading birds sure give me the jitters

untouched by fantasy ghosts or witches
tangible critters tie me in stitches

Don’t mention The Birds…

Halloween Sonnet Sunday continues with a wonderfully chilling sonnet from Kate, of She happened to mention that she found the Hitchcock movie ‘The Birds’ particularly chilling. So here’s a treat for her, and all you Hitchcock fans out there…

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  1. Oh, heavens … aren’t birds supposed to be cute? Chills here. But timely for All Hallows’ Eve. 👏
    I also rushed to view it on Kate’s other website. Splendid assortment of posts there. Wowed me more.
    Left this message for Kate that I feel you should see here as well — Sheesh girl, you do scary with finesse. And you met such a raven? You brought ghostly magic to the sonnet. Thumbs up even from someone who scares easily.
    Thanks for the chills and knot in my stomach.
    Be well. Don’t fraternize with ravens please. xo
    Ingrid: you rock. And upped the anti with that short video (figured out how to view. Thanks)
    Bet you also know about this 1952 novel: The Birds by Daphne du Maurier
    Sure you know it. I listened on audiobooks. Sheesh. Horrifyingly ____ (add your noun)
    Thanks, Ingrid, for all you do. Blessings.

      1. Oh man. That novelette— Superb! The suspense is palpable from the onset. It’s a fantastic lesson in how to build suspense in writing. Wish I could do it like that. I recommend. It’s very short too. Perfect! Let me know when you do. I found it on YouTube. xoxo

    1. thanks Vinny, much appreciated … yes whenever I think of horror it takes my mind right back to that movie …

  2. Kate, a very scary sonnet. Having seen mockingbirds attack much larger birds of prey who stole their chicks, hawks who perch in high places waiting to attack, and osprey carrying large fish in their talons, I know that birds can be quite threatening!

    I also enjoyed the clip, Ingrid! <3

  3. So well-done by Kate. The real and tangible are often way scarier than stories of ghosts and goblins. If I remember correctly, I found the original The Birds story by Daphne Du Maurier more chilling because it wasn’t as over the top as the Hitchcock movie–though the movie is memorable.

  4. really appreciate you posting this Ingrid … with your pic and the clip it adds a deeper scarier dimension! Enjoy your celebrations with the pumpkins and goblins 🙂

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